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IrelandIreland2016/05/09 23:29partenopeo,ti chiedo solo una piccola cortesia e so che puoi farmelanon definirmi più “anti” qualcuno:non lo sono mai stato nella mia vita e non lo sarò mai con nessuno, perchè non fa parte del mio stile e della mia educazione.e quanto ai pa023titir;anche quelli virtuali… lassamo perde !grazie

FrenchyFrenchy2016/05/12 01:49Ah, just to clarify, I am one of those who thinks that the traditional ideas of who should bat #2 and #3 are backwards, especially in the NL.  Because the bottom of the order creates a lot of outs (especially in the NL), the #2 batter comes up with 2 outs an awful lot.  It’s really good to have a guy with power as well as OBP there.  You also get 20-30 more PA’s batting #2 than batting #3 over a season.  You should expect to see a few more runs scored over a season (and thus maybe a win or two) by flponflpipi-g a lot of traditional #2 & #3 hitters. http://dwkxjfwshff.com [url=http://sqzpglkjpn.com]sqzpglkjpn[/url] [link=http://ilfuhnthva.com]ilfuhnthva[/link]

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